12:00AM 6:00AM Modern Gospel Music
6:00AM 6:15AM Public Affairs
6:15AM 7:00AM Thru The Bible
7:00AM 7:30AM In Touch Ministries
7:30AM 8:00AM Gospel Music
8:00AM 8:30AM Voice of Truth
8:30AM 11:00AM Gospel Music
11:00AM 12:00PM Main Street Church of Christ
12:00PM 2:00PM Gospel Music
2:00PM 3:00PM Come Praise The Lord
3:00PM 5:00PM Gospel Music
5:00PM 6:00PM Main Street Church of Christ
6:00PM 12:00AM Gospel Music


Monday – Friday

In TouchGreat Music

12:00AM 2:30AM Modern Gospel Music
2:30AM 3:00AM Stories of Great Christians
3:00AM 3:30AM Great Music
3:30AM 4:00AM Thru The Bible
4:00AM 4:15AM Stories of Great Christians
4:15AM 5:45AM Great Music
5:45AM 6:00AM Concepts of Faith
6:00AM 8:00AM Great Music
8:00AM 8:15AM World Missionary Evangelism
8:15AM 8:30AM The Old Trailblazer
8:30AM 8:45AM Concepts of Faith
8:45AM 9:00AM Faith Tabernacle
9:00AM 9:30AM Watchman On The Wall
9:30AM 9:45AM Great Music
9:45AM 10:00AM Messianic Perspectives
10:00AM 10:30AM Thru The Bible
10:30AM 11:00AM Great Music
11:00AM 11:30AM Family Altar
11:30AM 12:00PM Spirit of Prophecy
12:00PM 1:00PM Gaither Homecoming
1:00PM 1:30PM In Touch
1:30PM 4:00PM Great Music
4:00PM 6:00PM Inspirations with Carmina
6:00PM 12:00AM Gospel Music



12:00AM 6:00AM Modern Gospel Music
6:00AM 7:00AM Watchman on the Wall
7:00AM 7:30AM Viewpoints
7:30AM 8:00AM Thru The Bible
8:00AM 11:00AM Gospel Music
11:00AM 12:00PM Health Line
12:00PM 12:00AM Gospel Music