Radio Interviews

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Ann Downing




Kirk Cameron



Spark In The Dark




The Wilbanks


Shannon BunchShannon Bunch Interview

sutherland1Christy Sutherland, listen as she and her husband Matt talk about their ministry and share stories about their lives and music.


Sherri Perkins Watson was in the studio to speak about the Women’s Conference taking place at Glenview Baptist Church October 4th and 5th.



Burk Collins and Praise Inc was in the studio together in August to talk about some upcoming shows at Arlington Music Hall.  Listen as Burk Collins shares some of the history and background of the Arlington Music Hall as well as his interest in Hank Williams Sr.  Steve Sams relates stories about Praise Inc and their ministry through song.



Chuck Day was in the studio for an interview listen as he relates stories of his life and some of the background on his favorite songs.






Rick Strickland was in the studio, listen as he relates stories about his journey over the years with several outstanding groups as well as some personal stories.